"To Whatever End" Tape Release Update!
To Whatever End will be released this September on cassette tape by Sword Productions (Portugal) in cooperation with Blood And Soil Productions (Spain)!! This release will be limited to 500 copies! Be sure to pick up a copy comrades! Check out Sword Productions: http://sword.jigsy.com/ LIKE ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SWORD1972 https://www.facebook.com/pages/BLOOD-SOIL-Prod... more... - 24 Aug, 2013
Helcaraxe Back In The Studio!
We have completed our work in the studio for our re-release of "To Whatever End" and our track for the 7" "Elemental Nightmares" project! We Are The Flames In The Darkness!!
- EH - 13 Aug, 2013
7" Pairing Announcement
ELEMENTAL NIGHTMARES 5th split announcement: Eternal Helcaraxe & Mondvolland! "Pushing further into black metal territory, this vinyl split combines the epic black metal of Eternal Helcaraxe together with Mondvolland's folk influenced take on things and make for one very interesting split!" Be sure to check out more music from Mondvolland by streaming on the elemental Nightmares website: ... more... - 4 Aug, 2013
Pick up some merch!
Pick up some merch!
Check out and pick up some of our merchandise! Cds, Shirts, Patches, Stickers, Badges, Tapes and more!!

Go to the armour section of the website!

Thank you comrades! - 24 Jul, 2013
Brand New Eternal Helcaraxe 7\
Brand New Eternal Helcaraxe 7" Coming Soon!!
We are pleased to announce that Eternal Helcaraxe will be joining "Elemental Nightmares"! This Unique vinyl project that will consist of 26 bands with 26 brand new and unreleased tracks, on 13 7" vinyls! When fully collected these 13 vinyls will form one huge artwork! These splits will be limited to 300 copies and will all include high quality digital downloads of the songs. Pre-books can b... more... - 10 Jul, 2013
Full List of Interviews and Reviews for \
Full List of Interviews and Reviews for "Against All Odds"
In the link below you will find an up to date list of all the Eternal Helcaraxe interviews and online reviews of our debut album "Against All Odds". Also, check out Abyss Records here: www.officialabyssrecords.com

http://abyssrecords.wordpress.com/eternal-helcaraxe-ireland-biography-interviews-and-reviews/ - 30 Jun, 2013
Studio Booked!
We have just secured dates in August for recording the Re-release of "To Whatever End". Coming out on Abyss Records! Get ready for some old helcaraxe reborn! - 6 Jun, 2013
New Stickers!
New Stickers!
Just in! 500 brand new Sheild design stickers!
Free with any purchase of merch from our Armour section! - 16 May, 2013
Brand New Limited Press Shirts
Brand New Limited Press Shirts
Very Limited Pressing! Graphite Shirt with gate logo on front!
Comes in sizes M,L,XL
Check out the "Armour" for a direct link to our webshop to purchase for only €10!
Or email at eternalhelcaraxe@gmail.com - 10 May, 2013
Web Store List Updated!
Web Store List Updated!
"Against All Odds" is now available through the following sites: AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Against-All-Odds-Eternal-Helcaraxe/dp/B007SOK5E2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367630875&sr=8-1&keywords=eternal+helcaraxe MVD ENTERTAINMENT: http://mvdb2b.com/s/EternalHelcaraxeAgainstAllOdds/ABYSS039CD SOUND POLLUTION: http://www.soundpollution.se/product.aspx?id=48763 ABYSS RECORDS: http://ww... more... - 3 May, 2013
New Items added to our store!
New Items added to our store!
Updated store items on our bandcamp site!
Check out our "Armour" section and follow the link to buy some merch comrades!!

http://eternalhelcaraxe.bandcamp.com/merch - 26 Feb, 2013
Tyrith gets official endorsements!!
Tyrith gets official endorsements!!
We are very pleased to announce that our drummer Tyrith is now officially endorsed by "Czarcie Kopyto" Pedals and "ACS" custom in-ear monitors!! Links below:

http://www.acscustom.com/ie/ - 19 Feb, 2013
CVLT Nation makes \
CVLT Nation makes "Against All Odds" the best Irish release of 2012
Many thanks to CVLT Nation and our fans who have stayed with us and supported us over the past years! We look forward to the new year ahead! Thank you!
- EH

http://www.cvltnation.com/cvlt-nations-top-six-irish-releases-of-2012/ - 16 Dec, 2012
EH Seeking Bassist/Vocalist
Unfortunately due to personal reasons, our bassist Thule has parted ways with Eternal Helcaraxe. We would like to thank him for the years he put into the band and wish him all the best in future. With that said, we are now actively looking for a new bass player, bassist/vocalist better suited . If interested please get in touch! (eternalhelcaraxe@gmail.com) Thank you - EH. - 15 Nov, 2012
New Eternal Helcaraxe TShirts have arrived!
New Eternal Helcaraxe TShirts have arrived!
New Eternal Helcaraxe T-shirts have arrived!! Buy it directly from our "Amour" section!
10 euro a shirt and comes in sizes: S,M,L & XL - 10 Oct, 2012
Eternal Helcaraxe are now on Twitter! Please follow us at @EHelcaraxe. Thank you! - 19 Sep, 2012
New Eternal Helcaraxe Shirts!
New Eternal Helcaraxe Shirts!
We are now taking Pre-orders for our new Eternal Helcaraxe Tshirts! For your order email us at 'eternalhelcaraxe@gmail.com'. Sizes include - S,M,L & XL. Price per shirt is €10 and will be available within the next 2 weeks!! - 26 Aug, 2012
Fully embroidered EH Patches!
Fully embroidered EH Patches!
Fully embroidered EH Patches are now available directly through the band, check out our "Armour" section for details! - 30 Jul, 2012
Eternal Helcaraxe badges now available
Eternal Helcaraxe badges now available
Email us for more information at - eternalhelcaraxe@gmail.com - 3 Jul, 2012
"Against All Odds" Available now!
"Against All Odds" is available on Abyss Records now!
Follow the link below to purchase your copy!
Thank you Comrades!

http://www.officialabyssrecords.com/product_info.php?products_id=12209 - 10 Apr, 2012
- 10 Mar, 2012
New Songs Posted
New Songs Posted
2 brand new songs have been uploaded to our myspace and website!
Both "Shadow Of The Wolf" & "Invictus" will be on our very first full length album release titled "Against All Odds", due for release at the end of April 2012!

Spread the word!
- EH

www.facebook.com/eternalhelcaraxe - 10 Mar, 2012
Tape Version of \
Tape Version of "To Whatever End" out soon on "Sword Productions"
A Tape Version of our 2009 EP "To Whatever End" will be released soon on Portugal based label "Sword Productions"!
It will be limited to 300 copies!!


Dont forget our first full length album titled "Against All Odds" will be released this Spring on "Abyss Records". - 2 Mar, 2012
Artwork for \
Artwork for "Against All Odds" revealed!

We have revealed the cover artwork and tracklisting for our Abyss Records debut, "Against All Odds." The album, which is due out later this year, is the follow up to our 2010 EP "To Whatever End."

Click on the link below for full info and Tracklisting:

http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=72884 - 17 Oct, 2011
Recording Finished!

We Have completed recording of "Against All Odds" and are very proud with what we have created, we are looking forward to unleashing the first fulllength with our comrades Abyss Records (http://www.officialabyssrecords.com/).
We will have more updates very soon, right now its all about doing the finishing touches on the music and artwork.
Keep an eye out! - 1 Sep, 2011
Recording Begins
Hails all!
Today is the first day of recording for the new album, updates on progress and news will be posted throughout, we wont let you down comrades!
- EH - 19 Jul, 2011
Album Title Announcement
We Are pleased to announce that our new full length album will be titled "Against All Odds".
Recording will be commencing end of July,start of August.
We are all very confident and excited about the new material and we promise not to let our Comrades down.

- EH - 29 May, 2011
New Eternal Helcaraxe Tshirts
New Eternal Helcaraxe Tshirts
These are the brand new Eternal Helcaraxe
Tshirts, with new design.
Available now! - 1 Feb, 2011
Eternal Helcaraxe Sign to Abyss Records
Eternal Helcaraxe Sign to Abyss Records
Eternal Helcaraxe are pleased to announce that our first full length Album.It will be released through Abyss Records(USA), due out in Autumn 2011.
Also, just want to take this oppurtunity to say, huge thanks to all who helped us out and supported us in 2010.
This next release is for all of us!!

http://www.officialabyssrecords.com/ - 3 Jan, 2011
Studio booked for full length!!
Eternal Helcaraxe have just booked the studio for two weeks at the Start of August for our full length album!
This will be Seven tracks plus intro, more updates on this to come! - 27 Nov, 2010
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